03 - 04 June 2022

1st International Symposium on Cardiac Valve Diseases: Transcatheter, Endoscopic and Hybrid Techniques “The Future is Now: Transforming the Model of Care in Heart Therapy”

1st International Symposium on Cardiac Valve Diseases: Transcatheter, Endoscopic and Hybrid Techniques “The Future is Now: Transforming the Model of Care in Heart Therapy”


Innovation and progress are born out of necessity. Minimally invasive, endoscopic surgery, and hybrid and transcatheter procedures, arose from the need to improve surgical and interventional outcomes, and are here to shift the model of heart care into a new era. The aim of this conference is to focus on the scientific advances in these fields, which constitute our enhanced quiver in the treatment of heart valve diseases, within a multi-disciplinary team.

With the contribution and joined forces of world-leading academics, eminent specialists, dedicated teams and the industry, we aim to present these well-established models of treatment under the umbrella of St. Luke’s Hospital, an institution where this “future” is already present. The education and support of all healthcare professionals in their quest for self-improvement, is the scope of this conference. Clinical Vignettes, How-to-do-it Presentations, Tips, Tricks and Caveats, with rich audiovisual material, Tele-Simulations and Live Case Transmissions, will all be part of an exciting and rewarding event.

A warm welcome to the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, hometown to a long line of prominent pioneers and innovators, that have made their mark in the history of heart care in Greece. A city with an uninterrupted history of 2500 years, with impressive Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman buildings, and landmark monuments of early Christian Art. A city, which naturally and effortlessly, blends its glorious past with its vibrant, modern lifestyle.

 Honorary Chairman                                                   

A. Prof. Dr. Theodoros Kofidis

 Course Directors

Dr. Petros Dardas
Dr. Nikolaos Mezilis
Dr. Dimitrios Tsikaderis


Registration is required.

Your onsite participation will be adjusted according to the Government measures for COVID-19.


The 1st International Symposium on Cardiac Valve Diseases is marked with 15 credits of Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) by the Panhellenic Medical Association.

The Certificate of Attendance will be available on www.livemedia.com/cvd1, in 3 days.  

Thessaloniki, the place that UNESCO declared "World Heritage Sites" 15 of the monuments of the city Culture, history, gastronomy, nightlife… Thessaloniki has it all!!

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is a welcoming, relaxing city ready to spoil you by its countless visiting options, being full of life, day and night, due to its thousands of students studying in its universities.
In contemporary Thessaloniki, you’ll come across with history, art and different cultures of 2,300 years of the city’s history, you’ll have the chance to taste its rich gastronomic tradition, with a reputation far beyond the Greek borders, you’ll relax on the beautiful coast watching the sun disappear in the Aegean sea and you will let yourself in the evening rhythms of a city where the nightlife ends just before the first light of the day!

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Archaeological Museum https://www.amth.gr/en
Museum of Byzantine Culture https://mbp.gr/en
Church of Agios Dimitrios and the Catacombs https://thessaloniki.travel/exploring-the-city/religion/greek-orthodox-churches/
White Tower https://www.lpth.gr/indexeg.php
New Waterfront of Thessaloniki  https://thessaloniki.travel/en/exploring-the-city/interesting-districts/seafront-of-thessaloniki
Rotunda and Arch of Galerius http://galeriuspalace.culture.gr/en/monuments/kamara/
Byzantine Walls – Trigoniou Tower – Heptapirgion https://inthessaloniki.com/item/byzantine-walls-trigoniou-tower-heptapirgion/
Ladadika district https://thessaloniki.travel/en/exploring-the-city/interesting-districts/ladadika
The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki http://www.jmth.gr/

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