01 - 02 Δεκεμβρίου 2017


Final Program

Electronic program via portable devices, with the ability to personalize your attendance program. Evaluate and comment on meeting's sessions and speeches.

Watch live and on demand the 1st MiECT Update Meeting, an Experts Forum Live Meeting that will take place in Thessaloniki Greece, December 1st -2nd, 2017.

Click here to Watch live and on demand

Web access is free.

You can make comments, send questions via e-mail, social media (facebook.com/MiectUpdateMeeting/, twitter.com/1_MiECT_Update), Skype (skype name: MiECT Update Meeting) and livemedia.gr/chat/1miect.

Twenty-one key opinion leaders from all over the world will participate on-site. Updates on the latest cutting-edge advancements in all fields related to MiECT will be presented. Representatives from the indusry will also attend the procedures, make their comments in real-time and take active part in the discussion. Live transmission will be offered free of charge upon registration to MiECTiS. Everyone who attends the meetings online will be able to make live comments and/or send questions through available technology, e-mail, the social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.), Skype or even through a special mobile app.

The ultimate goal of this interactive event is to exploit modern communication technology in order to create a big multidisciplinary forum that will not only present best available evidence and knowledge but, more importantly, will enhance collaboration between all experts in the field of MiECT.

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